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Everyone Deserves Whiter Teeth… At Mga Dental Its Free

Get your FREE professional take-home whitening kit worth $350 with any check-up and clean.
The kit includes custom-made whitening trays and dental-grade whitening gel. As with all patients at MGA DENTAL, we are happy to top up your whitening, for free, for life…

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MGA Dental Is Offering A Check-Up With No Out Of Pocket Expense* For Patients With Dental Cover OR $200 For Patients Without Cover.

Offer includes:

Comprehensive examination
Professional clean and polish
Diagnostic x-rays (if required)
Fluoride treatment (if required)
Oral hygiene instruction + dietary advice
Digital imaging guided tour of your mouth
Orthodontic consultation
Custom made take home whitening trays & whitening gel!! + PLUS FREE WHITENING TOP-UPS FOR LIFE *
*Terms and conditions: For all health fund patients, rebate only applies unless the rebate is less than the offer price of $200 where a gap is payable. Rebate may exceed offer price and will be accepted as full payment.
– Offer available Monday – Saturday only. Mention this offer when making a new appointment so that appropriate time can be allocated.
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Free Whitening Top-ups For Life*

We offer lifelong take-home whitening for all patients, old or new, for no additional cost. THAT’S FOR LIFE! All you need to do is attend your examination and hygiene appointments, follow ALL of our advice, and we will top-up your tooth whitening every year, forever. T’s & Cs apply.

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Please remember that tooth whitening is not appropriate for everyone – if you have broken teeth, active decay or very sensitive teeth this will need to be fixed before we can whiten your teeth

* Terms and Conditions
1. Tooth whitening is not 100% guaranteed – while almost all natural teeth will whiten with application of hydrogen / carbamide peroxide, results are variable.
2. Fillings, implants, dentures, crowns, caps and bridges will not change colour with the whitening process – where these are present in the mouth additional costs may be incurred in replacing existing restorations to match the new, whitened colour of the teeth.
3. Whitening can not be undertaken where there are large fractures of the teeth or decay is present. Often reparative treatment is required before whitening can be undertaken and this will incur additional costs. Where whitening is not appropriate this will be discussed in full.
4. Top-ups limited to 1 syringes of whitening agent per 6 months (average use 1-2 syringes per year).
5. Appointments must be booked before 31st December 2018.
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Straighten Up…

Ever Thought About Straighter Teeth?
Why not come in for a FREE consultation with one of our dentists, it’s obligation free ….
What have you got to loose?

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At MGA Dental, all orthodontic consultations are FREE and do not require a commitment to begin treatment. Your orthodontic consultation will provide you with the opportunity to take a tour of the surgery, meet the dentist and the staff, discuss any concerns you may have, and discover what treatment options are available for you and/or your child

  • Invisalign certified provider
  • Clear Correct certified provider
  • New Align Clear certified provider
  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic (clear) braces
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We See Kids Free

Bring In The Little People…. We Would Love To Meet Them
Children between 2-17 could be entitled to $1000 of dental treatment through Medicare. Don’t miss out… CALL TODAY TO CHECK IF YOUR CHILD IS ELIGIBLE.

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What Is Covered By The Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

  • Dental check-ups
  • Teeth cleaning
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Fissure seals
  • Extractions
  • Root canal treatment
  • Partial dentures

Call us today to check if your child is eligible.


Meet Our Team

We believe that family comes first, that’s why at MGA Dental we pride ourselves on being family owned and run… that way we can guarantee that your family is always in good hands and after 16 years and two generations… we aren’t going anywhere.