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Zoom Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening In Brisbane And Gold Coast

Get the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted at MGA Dental. Our professional-strength teeth whitening in Gold Coast & Brisbane will make your teeth up to 8 shades whiter with one quick, simple treatment!

Our practice is committed to helping you to have a smile you can be truly proud of. One of our most popular services is tooth whitening.

Teeth can easily become stained by drinking tea, coffee and red wine or by smoking, and they also tend to darken with age or some medication. Whitening treatments are one of the most effective and quickest ways to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. Having a whitening treatment can take years off the way you look by giving you the smile of your dreams.

Tooth whitening can be a high effect way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surfaces. It cannot make a complete colour change, but it may lighten the existing shade.
A woman's teeth before and after teeth whitening.

Zoom Whitening – The Safest Way To Brighter, Whiter Teeth

At MGA Dental we use the proven Zoom teeth whitening system, which is available as either in-office whitening or take-home whitening treatments. Both have been developed through extensive research and clinical studies to make sure it is completely safe while also giving incredible results, making your teeth up to 8 shades whiter!
A woman is getting her teeth cleaned by a dentist.
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Zoom WhiteSpeed In-Office Whitening

In just a single 45 to a 60-minute office visit, you can walk away with a bright healthy smile you’ll love to show off. The state-of-the-art light-activated technology is 40% more effective than non-light-activated tooth whitening systems, while also improving the lustre and smoothness of your teeth, and protecting the enamel. Zoom in-office teeth whitening is only available at selected trained and accredited dentist’s offices to ensure optimum safety and the best results. MGA Dental is proud to provide this service through our highly qualified and experienced dentists, and we can tailor our teeth whitening treatments to different strengths and intensities in line with your preferences and tooth sensitivity.

How It Works

The Zoom tooth whitening system has been used by more than 10 million patients all around the world, with fantastic results every time.

We begin the treatment by protecting your gums with a specially designed covering, and then we apply our unique hydrogen peroxide whitening gel which breaks down the molecular bonds that make up stains and discolouration both on and beneath the surface of your teeth. The gel contains Relief ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) which helps to reduce sensitivity, protect enamel and increase the lustre of your teeth.

The whitening process is accelerated with the powerful Zoom WhiteSpeed Whitening LED light, which is shined on the whitening gel to speed up the treatment as well as improve the final results by as much as 40%. The lighting system emits no harmful UV or laser light and is clinically proven as completely safe for tooth enamel, gums, skin and all other soft tissue. This combination of the intense whitening LED light together with the patented whitening gel is the quickest and safest way to see immediate results, and to achieve a beautiful smile up to 8 shades whiter!

Our Zoom WhiteSpeed system is also the only in-office teeth whitening treatment that is designed with adaptable intensity settings and desensitisers, so the strength of each treatment can be completely customised for your comfort while also minimising sensitivity and protecting your enamel. Talk to our teeth-whitening Gold Coast and Brisbane specialists at MGA Dental to design a treatment plan that will give you the bright, white smile you’ve been looking for!

Zoom DayWhite Or NightWhite Take-Home Whitening

Take-home whitening is an effective, affordable alternative to the more intensive in-office treatment. The simple procedure involves taking an impression of your mouth and pouring out stone moulds for a perfect fit. Then we make special trays filled with whitening gels, which are formulated with customisable strengths and intensities to suit your needs and sensitivity levels.

The gel is available as either daytime gel (Zoom DayWhite) or nighttime whitening gel (Zoom NightWhite), so you can whiten your teeth when it’s most convenient for you. DayWhite is typically worn for 1-2 weeks, for 15-30 minutes per day depending on the concentration and strength, and NightWhite is generally worn for 1-2 weeks, for 1-2 hours a day or overnight.

Your smile will get noticeably whiter in 1-2 weeks, and the ease and flexibility of take-home whitening mean that you can work your whitening program around your schedule. At MGA Dental we can also offer the option to have both an in-office whitening treatment and take-home whitening trays, to maintain your beautiful smile longer.

MGA Dental has two convenient locations in Gold Coast and Brisbane. Schedule an appointment today!
A woman's teeth before and after teeth whitening.