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The Sleep Benefits of Orthodontics

POSTED: Saturday, June 30th, 2018
The Sleep Benefits Of Orthodontics

Crooked teeth and bite issues can be a serious problem, affecting more than just your appearance. When thinking about getting braces, people primarily focus on making their smiles beautiful. But, what many people do not know is that braces, and orthodontics in general, can do much more for you than improving your smile and self-esteem.

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5 Facts You Need to Know About Peg Teeth

POSTED: Monday, June 18th, 2018
5 Facts You Need To Know About Peg Teeth

Peg teeth, sometimes referred to as “Dracula teeth”, are a type of dental disorder called microdontia. This dental condition is not as common, hence not many people have heard of it. Dentists use it to describe cone-shaped, pointy teeth and teeth that are considered to be smaller than the average. In most cases, this condition […]

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4 Options for Patients Who are Missing Teeth

POSTED: Thursday, May 24th, 2018
4 Options for Patients Who are Missing Teeth

It is commonly believed that losing teeth affects mostly elderly people, but younger generations lose their teeth as well. The causes range from poor dental hygiene to severe injuries: decay, root canal, gum infections, periodontal disease, tooth abscess, cracks and chips, poor nutrition – all of these can lead to a loss of one or […]

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How to Identify, Prevent and Treat Tooth Abscess

POSTED: Saturday, May 19th, 2018
How To Identify, Prevent And Treat Tooth Abscess

The list of dental conditions that can befall you is quite long. Yet, dental experts often single out tooth abscess as one of the most painful and dangerous ones. If you experience a horrible toothache all night long that does not go away, you might be having more than an ordinary decay on your hands. […]

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Is Sedation Dentistry a Right Choice for You?

POSTED: Thursday, April 26th, 2018
Is Sedation Dentistry A Right Choice For You?

Are you among those who get strong anxiety at the very thought of sitting in the dental chair? If your answer is yes, it is likely that you will delay your regular checkups and try to avoid dental procedures for as long as you can. This can be harmful to your oral and general health, […]

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