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Protecting your child's teeth during sports and physical activity

Every year, children and adults are treated for nasty dental injuries that could have been prevented, or at the very least minimised, by wearing a professionally created mouthguard. Usually the treatment for sporting injuries to the mouth is long, complex and expensive, and sometimes the damage is permanent resulting in lost teeth and expensive cosmetic dental procedures.

As a parent it is natural to want to encourage your child on their playing field of choice but whether they are passionate about AFL or trying their hand (or foot) at something less aggressive your responsibility extends much further than encouraging them to be a good team-player and passing around orange segments at half time (all important roles by the way!).


"The world most famous mouthguard" - Steph Curry (Sold at auction)

If your child is involved with any sport which has risk of head-to- head contact with another player, a piece of sporting equipment or a flat hard surface (namely the ground) then it is also vital that you encourage them to wear a professionally created mouthguard to protect their pearly whites. Not only will a mouthguard offer a shield for their precious teeth, this protection also extends to the jaw, lips and cheeks - damage of which has the potential to cause a whole range of oral-related problems later in life if an injury is suffered at a young age.

A mouthguard is made from soft plastic and is moulded to fit the top set of teeth to eliminate damage in the event of a head-to- ball, head-to- head or head-to-ground collision. While a mouthguard can be uncomfortable to wear at first and may take some getting used to which can lead to some resistance from the flourishing footballer in your family however once they are used to how it feels, the benefits far outweigh any reasons they have not to wear one!

The cost to replace a lost tooth during an activity is roughly 20 times the cost of a mouthguard meaning that the financial reasons for wearing one speak for themself. Whilst there are many inexpensive, generic mouthguards readily available for purchase at your local pharmacy it is advisable to consult with your dentist on the best type of mouthguard for your child. A dental professional will be able to make personal recommendations to ensure that their teeth are protected from the second they step foot onto the playing field which will make sure that both short-term and long-term damage is avoided at all costs.

Ensure your child is protected from serious tooth and facial damage by ensuring they have the very best protection available for your teeth and arrange your mouthguard today. For more information on mouthguards for the sportsmen or women in your family have a chat with the friendly dental team at MGA Dental Gold Coast or Brisbane team phone Gold Coast (07) 5539 9748 or Brisbane (07) 3273 3343 or visit our website to book your appointment online www.mgadental.com.au or email [email protected].