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10 Things Dentists Know And You Should, Too

1. Brush at least twice a day

Proper oral hygiene is the essence of good health. Good, 2-minute brushing twice a day will remove most of the dental plaque in your mouth. Plaque is a sticky film found on your teeth, an accumulated layer of bacteria. It causes cavities and it’s the biggest enemy to our oral health. You don’t need to brush 5 times a day – being thorough while doing it and using a high-quality toothbrush is way more important.

2. Choose your brush wisely and take good care of it

Manual toothbrushes get worn out after 3 months of use and it’s advised to replace them on a regular basis. If you suffer from gum disease, this should be done more often – every 4 to 6 weeks. The reason for this is a toothbrush can build up bacteria which can cause all sorts of oral infections. Keep your brush in a good condition by rinsing it well with hot water and don’t keep it near the toilet. If you have sensitive gums, make sure you choose a soft brush. Also, note that small-headed brushes are always better.

3. Learn how to prevent a gum disease

Brushing is the single and the most important thing you can do to keep good oral hygiene, but don’t forget to floss as well! Only flossing can help you get rid of the plaque that not even the finest toothbrushes can reach. Plaque causes not only cavities but gum problems too. Gum issues are linked to some serious conditions such as heart disease and stroke. So, don’t be lazy and spend that extra couple of minutes per day flossing!

4. Suffer from bad breath? Get your teeth checked immediately

In most cases, bad breath is caused by tooth decay, inflamed gums and bacteria on your tongue. Mouthwashes and tongue scrapers can help, but if bad breath is caused by a dental condition, it won’t go away. Be honest with your dentist and tell them what bothers you - they’ll help you out and try to find the cause of your problem. If the source of the issue is gum condition, your dentist will prescribe a suitable treatment.

5. Regular dental checkups exist for a reason

Regular checkups and teeth cleaning by the experts aren’t a marketing trick, but the most important factor in maintaining your oral health. Why go for a checkup if you’re doing everything you can to keep your smile healthy? In most cases, experts will find the problem before you do and before it’s too late and you get a toothache. Regular checkups can prevent all sorts of issues, even the possibly terminal sickness such as oral cancer.

6. Dental checkups include oral cancer screenings

Oral cancer can be fatal. Luckily, thanks to regular checkups, oral cancer can be prevented and diagnosed in early stage. This means that it can be treated as soon as possible and the death can be avoided. Try to quit smoking and ask your dentist to do an oral cancer screening on a regular basis.

7. Healthy foods = Healthy teeth

It’s hard to keep your teeth healthy without a proper diet. So called “bad” sugars (simple carbs) from soft drinks and processed foods without “real” nutritional value, teamed up with bacteria, create acids that damage tooth enamel. This leads to conditions such as cavity and gum disease. Choosing the foods that are low in sugar will not only help keep the health of your teeth, but prevent other serious illnesses such as diabetes.

8. Dental issues don’t go away by themselves

If a dentist diagnoses a dental issue, you’ll be always recommended a treatment or a procedure to fix your problem. Always listen to your dentist’s advice - otherwise, why visit them at all? If you wait for too long to fix that nasty cavity, it’ll only get bigger and more painful. Some procedures may require a pre-treatment process so don't delay your dentist appointments.

9. In most cases, root canal won’t hurt at all

There’s an alternative to tooth extraction - a treatment recommended when a tooth is so infected that tooth pulp in a root canal needs to be replaced with the inert material. When being told they need a root canal treatment, most people will think of the immense pain and decide for a tooth extraction instead. The truth is that root canal treatment is nothing to be feared of. Today, this procedure is as painless as having a dental filling.

10. Having clean, white and healthy teeth is not that hard!

Despite the long list, believe us that having good dental health doesn’t take too much time. If you take care of the essentials such as maintaining good oral hygiene and arrange regular checkups, the rest will be a breeze. All it takes is a bit of discipline and motivation and you might never find out what a painful tooth is!