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Healthy Teeth – Top Tips for Avoiding Dental Decay & Damage

The first point of contact for food is with your mouth so poor dietary choices usually show up first in your teeth. These days there's so much hidden sugar in processed food we often don't realise what damage we are doing to our teeth and gums until it's too late.

We've collated our top tips for avoiding tooth decay and maintaining healthy pearly whites.

Regular check ups are vital for maintaining healthy teeth and gums

You don't wait for your car engine to develop a problem before taking your car for a service - so why visit the dentist only once you have toothache? Visit the dentist for regular check ups so cavities can be caught early and if you any decay or issues with your teeth or gums have it seen to promptly before inflammation and a possible abscess result.

What are your kids really eating?

Children can become sugar addicts from a very young age - in fact research has shown sugar to be more addictive than drugs. While you may follow a healthy diet at home when children are at school, you never know what they may be consuming at school or when they are making their own food choices. It can be confusing, consuming healthy snacks like dried fruit and energy bars are not good for your teeth and sugar is hidden in a wide range of snacks and foods specially created for children.

Worst food culprits for tooth decay and damage

  • Hard candies on a stick pose a double risk - cavities due to prolonged contact of sugar with the teeth and the chance of breaking a tooth as they bite into a substance that is way too hard.
  • Citrus juices are very acidic and can damage enamel.
  • Coffee can stain your teeth and the sugar you add can lead to cavities.
  • Excessive alcohol dries out your mouth and can lead to gum and dental problems due to reduced saliva flow.
  • Swap soda and sports drinks - all high in sugar – for plain water.
  • Avoid crisps and sticky snacks like dried fruits as the bits get stuck in between your teeth.

How to avoid tooth decay

Brush teeth at least twice a day and floss daily to remove the bacteria in your mouth that feed off sugars, releasing acids that promote tooth decay. Focus on including fruit and vegetables, yoghurt and cheese in your diet and drink lots of water.
Avoid snacking if possible - and if you really have to then brush teeth afterwards and drink water.
Visit your dentist for regular checkup so your dentist can catch a cavity early. You don't want to wait until half the tooth is gone and expensive repair work is needed.

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