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Top 8 Foods That Will Make Your Teeth Healthy

We all know that we can keep good dental health with the help of thorough brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups. But what about other things that can keep your teeth and gums as good as new? While most people are aware that foods high in sugar are bad for teeth, not many of us know what exactly we are supposed to eat to boost our oral health. The diet is the most probable reason why some who do invest a lot in their oral care still end up in the dentist's chair with a cavity or two.

The foods on our list taste great and they can be good for your teeth as some of the finest toothpastes you can find on the market. So prepare your shopping list and start eating foods that will make your teeth healthy.


Cheese found its place among top healthy foods, according to many health experts. Cheese, especially hard and aged one such as cheddar, is a valuable source of calcium and this is exactly what our teeth love. Enamel, which consists of minerals, gets damaged eventually, due to acidic food intake. Calcium, teamed up with phosphorus, lowers the acidity in your mouth, restores the minerals to enamel and keeps it strong.


Water might not be considered as food, but it is your teeth super-cleaner and the most effective natural mouthwash. Water stimulates secretion of saliva and it is saliva that helps us get rid of food particles, keeping our gums hydrated. A sip or two of water after a meal is the first thing to do to keep your teeth healthy.

Leafy greens (spinach, broccoli, kale)

We already mentioned calcium as an important nutrient for maintaining dental health. Leafy greens are not only rich in calcium, but also in folic acid and other important minerals and vitamins. They are a must if you want to keep your gums, teeth and overall health at the highest possible level. If you don't like the taste of leafy greens, simply add them to your fruit smoothie.


Celery is another dental health superstar among foods. How does it improve our oral health? Nibbling on celery produces saliva and neutralises the bacteria that cause cavities. And there’s much more to it. Celery is similar to apples and carrots in structure; it's hard and crunchy and contains a lot of water. These foods are great abrasives and they act as a natural dental floss that cleans the area between the teeth. They also gently scrub the dental surfaces and keep them sparkling clean.


If you could choose only one fruit to boost your oral health, kiwi should be the one. This powerful antioxidant has an extremely high concentration of vitamin C, even higher than oranges. When you have a vitamin C deficiency, one of the first symptoms you will experience are bleeding and tender gums (gingivitis). Serious deficiency is quite rare, but many people (especially smokers) have lower levels of it and could benefit from fruits such as kiwi.


It is proven that fish is among the healthiest foods on the planet. There are several reasons for this claim. One of those is that fish is rich in vitamin D. This vitamin is crucial for our health and its deficiency can lead to serious health conditions. Not surprisingly, it is necessary for our teeth-friendly diet as well. Opt for fatty types of fish, rich in omega-3 acids and vitamin D.


L-arginine is a common amino acid which is vital to our oral health as it breaks down plaque and reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease. Its best sources are red meat, soy, dairy products, fish and nuts. We singled out nuts for their splendid nutritional values and numerous health benefits. They are excellent foods for your heart as well, thanks to unsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3 fatty acids. As they are extremely high in calories, pay attention to the calorie intake!

Black and green tea

Having tea on our list is a bit surprising since it is a well-known fact that drinking tea can cause teeth discoloration. However, if you have healthy oral habits, this can be easily prevented. Tea is full of polyphenols, which slow down the bacteria growth and acid production. It is also rich in fluoride, a mineral which is best known as number one nature's cavity fighter. When drinking tea, avoid adding sugar and other sweeteners, to maximise positive effects.